Beyond quality and beauty, The Coleman Collection also offers value. A 55% payout is given to those that consign. The high expectation of merchandise is both required and rewarded. A shop filled with high end, gently used, fairly priced, beautifully displayed items is bound to please.

To consign, please email photographs of items to stephanie@thecolemancollection.com.  Include any and all info, manufacturer, age, what you paid, and condition.  Here's how we work, we give you, the consignor, 55% of the final sale for all items over $100. The consignor receives 45% of items that sell for less than $100. If an item remains more than 30 days it drops 15%, after 60 days it drops 20% of original.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our services to reach your satisfaction. We would appreciate any thoughts or questions. Please feel free to leave us a message via the website by clicking "Contact Us".